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Figure 4

From: Identification of prefoldin amplification (1q23.3-q24.1) in bladder cancer using comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) arrays of urinary DNA

Figure 4

PFND2 expression patterns are associated with tumor progression and clinical outcome. A, B, C. Representative FISH images of PFND2 on tissue arrays containing bladder tumors (n = 181) showing cases with normal (A), gained (B), and amplified (C) hybridization patterns. D.E. Representative immunostainings by immunohistochemistry showing cases with low (+) (D) and high (+++) (E) intensity of PFND2 cytoplasmic expression on tissue arrays. F. Kaplan-Mayer curve survival analysis indicating that a cytoplasmic protein expression of PFND2 with medium (++) or high (+++) intensity measured by immunohistochemistry on tissue arrays was associated with shorter disease-specific overall survival (log rank, p ≤0.0005).

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