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Table 1 Information of patients and corresponding patient-derived xenograft mouse models

From: Establishment of patient-derived non-small cell lung cancer xenograft models with genetic aberrations within EGFR, KRAS and FGFR1: useful tools for preclinical studies of targeted therapies

# Model Gender Smoking status EGFR/Kras mutation Age Pathology Stage TNM stage Engrafted model
1 L004 M Y WT 61 AC IIIA T2N2M0 Yes
2 L023 M Y Kras:G12S 55 SCC IIA T3N2M0 Yes
3 L030 M Y Q61H 64 SCC IV T2N0M1 Yes
4 L101 M Y WT 63 AC IA T1N0M0 No
5 L102 F N WT 53 AC IA T1N0M0 No
6 L103 M N n/a 45 SCC IIA T3N0M0 No
7 L104 M N WT 71 SCC IIB T2N1M0 Yes
8 L105 M N WT 76 AC IB T2N0M0 No
9 L106 F N Exon19Del 67 AC IIB T2N1M0 No
10 L107 M Y WT 76 SCC IB T2N0M0 No
11 L108 F N L858R 71 AC IIB T2N1M0 No
12 L110 M Y WT 66 SCC IB T2N0M0 Yes
13 L111 M N L858R 72 AC IA T1N0M0 No
14 L113 M Y WT 73 SCC IB CT2N0M0 No
15 L115 M n/a Exon19Del 55 AC/SCC IIIA T2N2M0 Yes
16 L116 M N WT 57 SCC IIIA ST2N2M0 No
17 L117 M N WT 66 AC IIB ST2N1M0 No
18 L118 M Y L858R 31 AC IV T1N0M1 No
19 L119 M Y WT 48 AC IA ST1N0M0 No
20 L121 M Y WT 69 SCC IV T2N0M1 Yes
21 L123 M Y WT 50 SCC IB T2N0M0 Yes
22 L124 F N L858R 50 AC IIIA T2N2Mx No
23 L125 F N WT 47 AC IIIA T2N2M0 No
24 L126 M N WT 59 AC IB T2N0M0 No
25 L127 F N L858R 66 AC IB T2N0M0 No
26 L128 M Y WT 61 SCC IIIA T2N2M0 No
27 L130 M N n/a 66 SCC IB T2N0M0 No
28 L131 F N Kras:G12V 60 AC IV N0M1 No
29 L132 M Y WT 69 AC IIIA ST3N1M0 No
30 L133 M N WT 61 SCC IIB T2N1M0 Yes
31 L140 M Y WT 58 SCC IIIA T2N2M0 Yes