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Table 3 Patient demographics

From: A multi-site feasibility study for personalized medicine in canines with Osteosarcoma

Enrollment order Patient ID DOB Sex1 Breed Date of biopsy Disease location Medullary or Extramedullary
1 AH-301 9-Jun-06 MC Belgian Malinois 10-Jun-11 Right Distal radius Extramedullary
2 FS-201 19-Aug-02 MC German Short-Hair Pointer 20-Jun-11 Right Proximal Femur Medullary
3 RV-281 1-May-03 M Coonhound 21-Jul-11 Left Proximal Humerus Medullary
4 MH-101 27-Jul-04 FS German Shepherd 2-Aug-11 Right Distal Tibia Extramedullary
5 TL-141 1-Aug-05 MC Standard Schnauzer 17-Aug-11 Right Distal Femur Extramedullary
6 RB-181 3-Aug-00 FS Labrador Retriever 19-Aug-11 Right Proximal Tibia Medullary
7 RB-182 1-Jan-03 MC German Shepherd 01-Sep-11 Right Distal tibia Not determined
8 RB-183 1-Apr-99 FS Golden Retriever Mix 3-Sep-11 Right Distal Femur Medullary
9 VS-121 13-Feb-09 FS Golden Retriever 6-Sep-11 Right Proximal Tibia Extramedullary
10 AZ-221 20-Aug-06 FS Greyhound 7-Sep-11 Right Proximal Humerus Not determined
11 RV-282 2-Jan-04 MC Labrador Retriever 8-Sep-11 Right Proximal Humerus Medullary
12 NC-161 13-Sep-01 FS Golden Retriever 13-Sep-11 Left Distal Radius Extramedullary
13 FS-202 16-Sep-99 FS Greyhound 24-Sep-11 Right Proximal Humerus Medullary
14 FS-203 3-Apr-02 FS Labrador Retriever 29-Sep-11 Right Proximal Humerus Extramedullary
15 RB-184 23-May-04 FS Great Dane 1-Oct-11 Left Proximal Tibia Medullary
16 RB-185 20-Aug-00 FS Greyhound 5-Oct-11 Left Proximal Humerus Medullary
17 RB-186 4-Mar-04 MC Lab Mix 10-Oct-11 Left Distal Ulna Both*
18 RV-283 22-Apr-04 FS Great Dane 20-Oct-11 Right Distal Femur Extramedullary
19 NC-162 24-May-04 M German Shepherd 31-Oct-11 Right proximal Femur Medullary
20 RB-187 3-Nov-04 M Rottweiler 10-Nov-11 Right Distal Ulna Both*
  1. 1 Sex – M – Male; MC - Male castrated; FS – Female Spayed.
  2. * Both indicates cases in which medullary and extramedullary locations were sampled.