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Table 2 Sample prioritization and procurement

From: A multi-site feasibility study for personalized medicine in canines with Osteosarcoma

Sample # Preparation Purpose Required Destination and shipping conditions
1 Formalin Confirmatory histological diagnosis Yes Site selected diagnostic pathology
2 Snap Frozen Genomic profiling (PMed) and Histological diagnosis1 Yes VARI (dry ice)
3 Formalin Histological diagnosis2 Yes VARI (wet ice)
4 Snap Frozen Back up/tissue banking If tissue is available VARI (dry ice)
5 Formalin Backup/tissue banking If tissue is available VARI (wet ice)
  1. 1 Assessment of tumor content (% tumor by nuclei, % normal tissue by nuclei, % necrosis).
  2. 2 Back-up source for assessment of tumor content if no sections available from Snap frozen tissue.