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Figure 1

From: Effects of hepatocyte nuclear factor-1A and -4A on pancreatic stone protein/regenerating protein and C-reactive protein gene expression: implications for maturity-onset diabetes of the young

Figure 1

Serum levels of PSP/reg1A in HNF4A-MODY (▲) versus HNF1A-MODY (). Solid lines/box plot showing median and interquartile range and dotted line showing mean. Median of PSP/reg1A in HNF1A-MODY is 9.25 ng/ml (IQR = 7.85-12.85 ng/ml, n = 9) while median in HNF1A-MODY is 12.50 ng/ml (IQR = 10.61-17.87 ng/ml, n = 31). The distributions differ significantly (*): Mann–Whitney U-test p = 0.025.

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