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Table 4 Response criteria for cellular immunotherapy in both leukemia and lymphoma [[26],[27]]

From: Cellular immunotherapy for refractory hematological malignancies

  AML/ALL Lymphoma
Complete Remission (CR) • No leukemic blasts in PB Nodal
• No extramedullary leukemia • If PET positive prior to treatment then any mass provided PET negative. If PET negative or variably positive then nodal regression to normal size on CT
• BM cellularity > 20% without Auer rods and <5% blasts
• ANC > 1.0 × 109/L Spleen/Liver
• Platelet count > 100x109/L. • Not palpable, resolution of nodules
Bone Marrow
• Morphological clearance or if morphology equivocal then IHC normalization
Partial Remission (PR) • All criteria for CR except bone marrow may have 5-20% blasts Nodal
• ≥ 50% decrease in the SPD of up to 6
• largest masses
• ≥ 50% decrease in SPD of nodules if multiple nodules, ≥ 50% in size of the transverse diameter of a single nodule if solitary mass
Bone Marrow
• No new bone marrow involvement
Transient Response (TR) • Loss of PB blasts N/A
• >50% reduction in BM blasts
Stable Disease (SD) N/A • If PET positive pretreatment, then PET positive post treatment at previous sites. If PET negative pretreatment then no CT change in size of previous lesions.