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Figure 7

From: Complementary serum proteomic analysis of autoimmune hepatitis in mice and patients

Figure 7

Serum C3 and A2M levels in AIH patients validated by ELISA. A-B. Serum C3 and A2M levels measured based on the gender and age of AIH patients . (Classified by gender, n = 10 for female control group and n = 16 for female AIH group; n = 9 for male control group and n = 18 for male AIH group. Classified by age in AIH group, n = 13 for patients with 20–40 years, n = 13 for the group with 41–60 years, and n = 8 for the group with 61–80 years. For control healthy group, n = 7 for 20–40 years’ group, n = 6 for 41–60 years’ group and n = 5 for 61–80 years’ group). C-D. Serum C3 and A2M levels measured in patients with different forms of hepatitis. (**P < 0.01 versus control samples, n = 10 for hepatitis B group, n = 10 for hepatitis C group and n = 19 for control group).

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