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Figure 3

From: Molecular signatures mostly associated with NK cells are predictive of relapse free survival in breast cancer patients

Figure 3

Prediction models associated with survival and clinical outcome of breast cancer patients. A) Cross-validation ROC curve analysis based on 8 genes (NCR1(NKP46), NCR3(NKp30) isoform1, NKG2D, CRTAM, DNAM1, CD96, CD1d) significantly and differentially expressed in relapse free and progressing patients based on RT-PCR analysis; B) Survival analysis based on the same group of genes. In the figure are reported only Kaplan Mayer curves of 4 genes with significant p value; C) Survival risk prediction analysis based on the same group of genes. D) Kaplan-Meier analysis, using RFS as endpoint, for breast tumors (n = 115) stratified into the two quintiles based on gene expression level of NCR1(NKP46), NCR3(NKp30), NKG2D, DNAM1 and CD96.

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