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Figure 2

From: Induction of human fetal hemoglobin expression by adenosine-2’,3’-dialdehyde

Figure 2

Modulation of DNA methylation and histone methylation by Adox in K562 cells. (A) Histone H4R3me2s ChIP analysis of γ-globin promoter from K562 cells treated with Adox or PBS control. Graphs show mean ± SD, n = 3. (B) Western blot analysis of proteins with histone H4R3me2s and anti-tubulin antibodies from K562 cells treated with indicated concentrations of Adox for 2 days. (C) Quantification of DNA methylation at the human γ-globin gene in K562 cells treated with Adox, decitabine (Deci), or PBS control as in Figure 1E. Numbers on the bottom represent the positions of the CpG dinucleotides relative to the transcriptional start site of the γ-globin gene. Ave indicates the average methylation of the 4 total CpGs. **P < 0.01, Chi-squared test.

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