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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Low-dose temozolomide before dendritic-cell vaccination reduces (specifically) CD4+CD25++Foxp3+ regulatory T-cells in advanced melanoma patients

Patient ID Gender Age (years) Site of evaluable disease M1 classification Previous treatments
28 M 66 Lymph nodes, lung, liver, pelvis a BIOCT
29 F 43 Lymph nodes, lung, liver, skin c BIOCT
30 M 69 Lymph nodes, skin, bone c BIOCT
31 M 57 Lymph nodes, skin a BIOCT
32 M 59 Lymph nodes, lung, liver c BIOCT
33 F 44 Liver, skin c BIOCT, anti-CTLA4Ab (interrupted after 2 cylces due to grade IV toxicity)
34 F 45 Lung, lymph nodes, soft tissue b CT and RT
35. M 73 Lymph nodes, soft tissue, peritoneum a Surgery and RT
36 M 68 Skin, lung b BIOCT
37 F 35 Pelvis, lymph nodes,skin, peritoneum, lung b CT, anti-CTLA4Ab
38 M 51 Lymph nodes, skin, lung c anti-CTLA4Ab, CT
39 M 62 Lymph nodes, skin, adrenal gland c Leg Stopflow CT, ECT
40 M 47 Lymph nodes,skin, peritoneum c anti-CTLA4Ab, CT, RT
41 F 57 Lymph nodes a IFN, antiCD137Ab, CT
42 M 49 Lymph nodes, soft tissue, colon c CT
43 M 60 Adrenal gland, soft tissue, lung c CT
44 M 57 Lung, liver, lymph nodes, soft tissue c CT, IFN
Summary Male 12 Median   M1a:4  
  Female 5 57 (range 35–73)   M1c:10  
  1. M Male, F Female, BIOCT Biochemotherapy, CT Chemotherapy, RT Radiotherapy, INF Interferon-alfa, ECT Electrochemotherapy, anti-CTLA4Ab, antibody against CTLA4, antiCD137Ab, antibody against.