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Figure 5

From: PEP-1-CAT protects hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced cardiomyocyte apoptosis through multiple sigaling pathways

Figure 5

PEP-1-CAT restored H/R-induced reduction of mitochondrial membrane potential. (A) Mitochondrial transmembrane potential was assessed by the lipophilic cationic probe JC-1. Red signal indicates JC-1 aggregates in mitochondria. Green signal shows cytosolic JC-1 monomers indicative of the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential. (B) Quantitative analysis of membrane potential in (A). *P < 0.05 vs control (CTL); &P < 0.05 vs H/R; #P<0.05 vs H/R or H/R + CAT (CAT) group; n = 3.

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