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Figure 4

From: A Lectin-EGF antibody promotes regulatory T cells and attenuates nephrotoxic nephritis via DC-SIGN on dendritic cells

Figure 4

PsL-EGFmAb inhibits human DC maturation in vitro . Human CD14+ monocytes from healthy donors were isolated using the MACS method and cultured in RPMI 1640 complete medium in the presence of 50 ng/ml human GM-CSF and 20 ng/ml human IL-4 for five days to produce imDCs. mDCs were induced by further treatment with 50 ng/ml TNF-α. In PsL-EGFmAb group, 10 μg/ml PsL-EGFmAb was also added before TNF-α treatment. Expression of HLA-DR, CD80, CD83 and CD86 on imDCs, mDCs, or PsL-EGFmAb-treated DCs was detected by flow cytometry. A, imDCs. B, mDCs. C, PsL-EGFmAb-treated DCs (black line). Appropriate isotype antibodies were used as controls (gray line). Data were representative of at least three independent experiments.

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