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Figure 3

From: BMP4, a strong better prognosis predictor, has a subtype preference and cell development association in gliomas

Figure 3

The prognostic value of BMP4 in CGGA and validation datasets. Except for GBM patients in GSE16011 dataset (I), according to BMP4 expression level, patients with anaplastic or GBM could be divided into two groups with significantly different prognosis, respectively (B, C anaplastic gliomas and GBMs in CGGA data; E, F, anaplastic gliomas and GBMs in Rembrandt data; G, GBMs in TCGA data; H, anaplastic gliomas in GSE16011 data). For LGG patients, there is only marginal p value (A, LGGs in CGGA data; D, LGGs in Rembrandt data). H, higher expression of BMP4 than the median one. L, lower expression of BMP4 than the median one.

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