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Figure 4

From: Interactions of miR-323/miR-326/miR-329 and miR-130a/miR-155/miR-210 as prognostic indicators for clinical outcome of glioblastoma patients

Figure 4

Functional analysis of the interested miRNAs in GBM. A. Functional GO biological processes of putative target genes of the 6 miRNAs enriched in cell proliferation and growth, cell cycle, apoptosis and cell adhesion and migration are illustrated. Red denotes highly significant correlation with miRNAs; black denotes lowly significant correlation with miRNAs; grey denotes no correlation. All the GO terms were selected at the criteria of p value < 0.01. B. Network of validated target genes of miRNAs. Only the direct interactions between these target genes are exhibited. pp: protein-protein interaction; violet: miR-155 targets; wine red: miR-210 targets; cyan: miR-130a targets. Targets of miR-323, miR-326 and miR-329 are not involved, because of non-interaction among their few validated target genes. C. Correlation analysis of the interested miRNAs with confirmed GBM gene markers.

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