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Figure 1

From: Identification and proteomic profiling of exosomes in human cerebrospinal fluid

Figure 1

A) The pellet resulting from ultracentrifugation of human CSF contained protein. The amount of protein is expressed as per ml of CSF. Samples 1 - 5 are from 5 different study participants. B) The size distribution of protein was different in the pellet resulting from ultracentrifugation of human CSF (CSF pellet) compared with uncentrifuged CSF (whole CSF). C) Western blots for flotillin-1 and TSG-101 on the ultracentrifugation pellet (P) and supernatant (S) from CSF collected from 3 study participants (1-3). Both exosomal markers were enriched in the pellets in comparison to the supernatants. D) Western blot for flotillin-1 and TSG101 on fractions obtained following isopycnic centrifugation. The exosomal markers were present in fractions corresponding to a density of 1.10-1.14 .

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