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Figure 6

From: Evaluation of cloned cells, animal model, and ATRA sensitivity of human testicular yolk sac tumor

Figure 6

All closed cells used for the measurement of cisplatin effects were alpha- fetoprotein -stained positive (A1). Apoptotic cells were detected with AO/EB staining (A2). Increased TUNEL-positive cells were detected 12 hours after the treatment with cisplatin (A4) or vehicle (A3). The expression of p53 and Bcl-2 proteins was altered 12 hours and on after the treatment with vehicle (B1 and B3) or cisplantin (B2 and B4), respectively. Values of optimal density of p53 (C) and Bcl-2 protein staining (D) were calculated during 12 and 72 hours after cisplatin treatment.

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