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Table 3 ROC-AUC comparison of 5-marker multianalyte test with CA125

From: Performance of a multianalyte test as an aid for the diagnosis of ovarian cancer in symptomatic women

  ROC-AUC 95% CI SN at 90% SP SN at 95% SP
CA125 84.3% 80.6-87.2 62.5 62.5
5-marker panel 88.4% 85.3-91.0 77.5 69.5
  1. Comparison by ROC-AUC analysis of 5-marker multianalyte test (CA125, CRP, SAA, IL6 and IL8) with CA125 for the discrimination of control and benign from patients with all stages of malignant epithelial ovarian cancer and borderline ovarian cancer cases. Sensitivities (SN) at selected specificities (SP) of 90% and 95% are shown.