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Figure 1

From: Chronic renoprotective effect of pulsatile perfusion machine RM3 and IGL-1 solution in a preclinical kidney transplantation model

Figure 1

Functional and histological phenotype at 3 months. A-B: Animal Survival and graft function. A: Kaplan-Meier representation of animal survival. B: Serum creatinine and C: proteinuria. D-H: Interstitial Fibrosis and Tubular Atrophy at 3 months. D: Quantification of staining in each group E-H: Representative red Sirius staining for all 4 conditions. Shown are mean ± SEM. Statistics: *: P < .05 versus MPS-CS; ‡: P < .05 to IGL CS; ¶: P < .05 to MPS MP.

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