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Table 3 The predictive value of CTCs before and during the course of treatment in colorectal cancer patients when compared with 6 months clinical outcome assessed by radiographic images

From: Prognostic and predictive value of circulating tumor cell analysis in colorectal cancer patients

Variable Odds ratio (95%CI) P
CTCs before therapy (pos vs neg) 6.22 (1.07-36.21) 0.042
CTCs after 1–4 weeks of therapy (pos vs neg) 5.50 (1.22-24.81) 0.027
CTCs after 5–8 weeks of therapy (pos vs neg) 7.94 (1.60-39.42) 0.011
CTCs after 9–12 weeks of therapy (pos vs neg) 14.00 (2.60-75.41) 0.002
CTCs fluctuations during therapy (increase vs decrease) 20.57 (2.17-194.95) 0.008