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Table 2 Characteristics of a good marker and of the Immunoscore

From: Cancer classification using the Immunoscore: a worldwide task force

Must be Immunoscore Characteristics
Routine YES Technic to be performed by pathologist using bright field and precise cell evaluation
Feasible YES Established pathology technics, using 2 regular whole slide FFPE section
Inexpensive YES Automatized immunohistochemistry
Rapid YES 2 simple staining less costly than complicated molecular techniccs
Robust YES Autostainers, scanner, and digital pathology reduce the time to perform an Immunoscore
Reproducible YES Two strong membrane staining, with no background, allowing the numeration of individual cells
Quantitative YES Inter-observers variability is removed by the use of digital pathology, taking into account cell location and counts
Standardized YES Standardized operating procedure should be performed to insure reproducibility and worldwide comparisons
Pathology-base YES Necessity of pathologist expertise to validate cell type, cell location, and cell counts performed by digital pathology
Powerful YES The immunoscore has a prognostic value highly significant even in Cox multivariate including TNM classification13