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Table 3 Fifteen melanoma cell lines genotype compared with the germline

From: IRF5 gene polymorphisms in melanoma

Cell lines ID rs10954213 (G > A)
Melanoma cell lines Germline
TIL_120 3104 AA AA
TIL_064 2458 AA AA
TIL_121 3107 AA AA
TIL_030 2155 AA AA
TIL_077 2744 AA AA
TIL_048 2492 AA AA
TIL_047 2448 AA AA
TIL_032 2224 AG AG
TIL_062 2523 AG AG
TIL_013 2035 AG AG
TIL_040 2427 AG AG
TIL_016 2075 AG AG
TIL_109 3025 YG (LOH)* AG
TIL_005 1866 GG GG
TIL_088 2805 GG GG
  1. *LOH=Loss Of Heterozygosis.