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Figure 7

From: Oncolytic vaccinia virus GLV-1h68 strain shows enhanced replication in human breast cancer stem-like cells in comparison to breast cancer cells

Figure 7

Enhanced replication of GLV-1h68 strain in CD44+CD24+ESA+cell population of GI-101A and in the tumors derived from CD44+CD24+ESA+cells. Enhanced replication of GLV-1h68 strain at (A) MOI0.01 and (B) MOI10 in CD44+CD24+ESA+ cell population of EMT induced GI-101A breast cancer cells followed by viral titration in CV-1 cells. (C) Enhanced fluorescent GFP protein expression in CD44+CD24+ESA+ cells derived tumor in comparison to CD44+CD24-ESA+ cells. (D) Enhanced inhibition of tumor growth in CD44+CD24+ESA+ derived tumors in comparison to CD44+CD24-ESA+ cells derived tumors.

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