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Table 1 Characteristics of the genotyped SNPs in the genes of TLR signaling pathway

From: Genetic variation in the TNF receptor-associated factor 6 gene is associated with susceptibility to sepsis-induced acute lung injury

Gene SNP Location Major/minor allele HWEP value
MyD88 rs6853 3′ UTR A/G 0.35
  rs7744 3′ UTR A/G 0.48
IRAK1 rs1059703 exon C/T 0.45
IRAK4 rs3794262 intron A/T 0.48
rs4251429 intron G/C 0.97
rs4251545 exon G/A 0.75
rs4251569 intron C/T 0.47
rs4251513 intron C/G 0.94
rs4251466 intron C/T 0.39
rs4251431 intron G/T 0.37
rs1461567 intron C/T 0.11
TRAF6 rs540386 intron C/T 1.00
rs4755453 intron G/C 0.32
  rs5030493 intron T/A 1.00
  1. SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism; HWE, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; UTR, untranslated region.