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Table 3 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for initiation of ECLS in Prague OHCA study protocol

From: Hyperinvasive approach to out-of hospital cardiac arrest using mechanical chest compression device, prehospital intraarrest cooling, extracorporeal life support and early invasive assessment compared to standard of care. A randomized parallel groups comparative study proposal. “Prague OHCA study”

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
No ROSC or ROSC with ongoing shock (defined as sustained hypotension below 90 mmHg of systolic pressure or need for bolus doses of vasopressors to maintain the circulation) Signs of death or irreversible organ damage
Admission to cathlab not later than 60 minutes after the collapse/initial call to EMS1 Known bleeding diathesis
Consensus of ECMO team members on ECLS initiation Inadequate arterial and/or venous access for femoro-femoral cannulation
  1. Abbbreviations: ECMO: extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; ECLS: extracorporeal life support; ROSC: return of spontaneous circulation.
  2. 1if collapse time is not exactly known, initial call to EMS will be considered.