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Table 2 Prague OHCA study inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Hyperinvasive approach to out-of hospital cardiac arrest using mechanical chest compression device, prehospital intraarrest cooling, extracorporeal life support and early invasive assessment compared to standard of care. A randomized parallel groups comparative study proposal. “Prague OHCA study”

    Inclusion criteria    Exclusion criteria
Age ≥18 and ≤ 65 years OHCA of presumed non-cardiac cause
Wittnessed OHCA of presumed cardiac cause Unwitnessed collapse
Minimum of 5 minutes of ACLS performed by emergency medical service team without sustained ROSC Suspected or confirmed pregnancy
Unconsciousness1 ROSC within 5 minutes of ACLS performed by EMS team
ECLS team and ICU bed capacity in cardiac center available Conscious patient
  Known bleeding diathesis or suspected or confirmed acute or recent intracranial bleeding
  Suspected or confirmed acute stroke
  Known severe chronic organ dysfunction or other limitations in therapy
  “Do not resuscitate” order or other circumstances making 180 day survival unlikely
  Known pre-arrest cerebral performance category CPC ≥ 3
  1. Abbreviations: OHCA: out-of hospital cardiac arrest; ACLS: advanced cardiac life support; ROSC: return of spontaneous circulation; ECLS: extracorporeal life support; ICU: intensive care unit; EMS: emergency medical service; CPC: cerebral performance category.
  2. 1 defined as no response to verbal or painful stimuli during ACLS.