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Figure 1

From: A phase I clinical trial of adoptive transfer of folate receptor-alpha redirected autologous T cells for recurrent ovarian cancer

Figure 1

Schematic summary of preclinical results for FRα-specific CAR T cell therapy. (Upper left) Cartoon of first (MOv19-ζ) or second generation (MOv19-BBζ) FRα-specific CARs bearing CD3ζ alone or in combination with a 4-1BB costimulatory domain, respectively. (Upper right) Summary of in vitro CAR effects. FRα-specific CAR T cells produce proinflammatory cytokines, proliferate and kill FRα-expressing tumor cells in vitro. (Lower left) Administration of second generation MOv19-BBζ CAR T cells results in eradication of human FRα ovarian cancer cells in immunodeficient mice. (Lower right) Tumor regression in vivo was associated with increased human T cell persistence in the blood 3 weeks after infusion.

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