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Table 4 The Dose A and B vaccine recipients who responded to DPX-0907 vaccination and their immune response to vaccine antigens

From: First-in-man application of a novel therapeutic cancer vaccine formulation with the capacity to induce multi-functional T cell responses in ovarian, breast and prostate cancer patients

Cancer Type Vaccine Dosage MHC Pentamer ICS – Flow cytometry  
    Antigen Positive Study day Positive Positive Stimulus Study day Positive Multi-cytokine Positive
04-06a Breast 0.25 mL P5 P15 21, 42 42 P5 Pool 42 42 Yes Yes
01-13b Breast 0.25 mL None NA Pool 21 Yes
05-14b Ovarian 0.25 mL P4 21, 42 Pool 21, 42c Yes, Noc
05-15b Ovarian 0.25 mL P3 P7 P13 73 73 73 None NA No
03-17b Prostate 0.25 mL None NA Pool 21c, 73 Noc, Yes
04-19b Breast 1.0 mL None NA Pool 42, 73 Yes, Yes
05-07 Ovarian 1.0 mL P15 73 Pool 21 Yes
02-09 Ovarian 1.0 mL P5 P3 42, 73 42 None NA No
01-22b Ovarian 1.0 mL P5 21, 73 Pool 21, 42c, 73c Yes, Noc Noc
04-10a Prostate 1.0 mL P5 P7 P15 21, 42 42 21, 42 P13, P15, Pool 42 42c 42 Yes Noc Yes
01-18b Prostate 1.0 mL P4 P7 42 21, 42, 73 Pool 21c, 42c, 73c Noc, Noc, Noc
  1. aMHC-multimer positive CD8 T cells were also detected ex vivo in these patients: Subject 04-06, P5 (0.12% staining frequency) on SD42; Subject 04-10, P5 on SD21 (0.11%) and on SD42 (0.23%).
  2. bPBMC from these patients were tested against pooled peptides only in ICS assay.
  3. cT cells from PBMC at the indicated study day produced detectable levels of one of the cytokines tested (IFN-γ, TNF-α, IL-2).