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Table 3 Summary of the results on VEGF and bFGF expression in monocytes (Mf) and lymphocytes (Ly)

From: Peripheral monocytes from diabetic patients with coronary artery disease display increased bFGF and VEGF mRNA expression

VEGF/β2M Mf 32.13+/-8.38 152.07+/-50.63 23.86+/-6.7
bFGF/β2M Mf 16.73+/-8 85.98+/-25.26 5.3+/-1.63
VEGF/β2M Ly 4.31+/-3.72 22.66+/-14.16 1.62+/-1.62
  1. Data are presented as mean ± SEM (standard error of the mean). The values represent the VEGF/β2-microglobulin and bFGF/β2-microglobulin ratios which were calculated by the optical integrated density of each gene divided by that β2-microglobulin.